Who Should Take This Program?

For the serious healthcare professional

The program is designed for a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals, including hospital and health system leaders, biomedical technology researchers, scientists, and engineers, healthcare lawyers (including intellectual property experts), technology transfer staff, government and public policy officers, regulatory officials, marketing professionals, investment (I-banking, hedge fund, VC and private equity) analysts and managers, healthcare designers and architects, biopharma and MedTech executives: in general, decision-makers in the healthcare world.

Hospital and health systems

• Healthcare consulting

• Biomedical science and engineering

• Digital healthcare

• Marketing

• Healthcare law (including intellectual property)

• Government, including policy and regulation

• Financial industry related to healthcare

• Design and architecture related to healthcare

• Technology transfer, startup hubs and innovation centers (particularly around healthcare)

• Biopharma, medical technology, and hospital supply industries