Visual Arts in
The mini-MD

The mini-MD features artworks from all ages and cultures
in which the visual images complement, highlight, and elaborate
some of the core concepts covered in the program. 


Francisco Goya Self-portrait with Dr Arrieta

Pompeo Batoni Sacred Heart of Jesus

Salvador Dalí The Veiled Heart

Leonardo da Vinci Heart Valves

Ebers Papyrus

Leonardo da Vince The Lungs

Caspar Netscher A physician inspecting a urine-flask brought by a woman

Opening decoration from Avicenna's Canon

Illustrated Medical Text in Thai Language and Script
Bing AI / ChatGPT Brain in the manner of Salvador Dalí

Keith Haring Ignorance = Fear, Silence = Death

Bing AI / ChatGPT Brain in the manner of Rembrandt

André Derain Charing Cross Bridge

Bing AI / ChatGPT Brain in the manner of Titian

Leonardo da Vinci The Brain

Henri Matisse The Red Studio

Jean Geoffrey Visiting Day at the Hospital

Pablo Picasso The  Sick Child

Francisco Goya El garrotillo (On Diphtheria)

Emile Carolus Leclercq The Physician's Verdict

Sonokochi Hasegawa From Conception to Delivery

Frida Kahlo Frida and Caesarean Operation