Visual Arts in
Act IV

The mini-MD features artworks from all ages and cultures
in which the visual images complement, highlight, and elaborate
some of the core concepts covered in the program. 


Grave Tablet of John Hunter at Westminster Abbey

Thomas Eakins The Gross Clinic

Anonymous Wound Man

Henry Tonks Saline Infusion - An incident in the British Red Cross Hospital, Arc-en-Barrois, 1915

Bing AI / ChatGPT Brain in the manner of Jackson Pollack

Francisco Goya Self-portrait with Dr Arrieta

Thomas Eakins The Agnew Clinic

Swabian wood-panel painting Limb transplantation miracle of Saints Cosmos and Damian

Robert C. Hinckley First Operation under Ether

Adalbert Franz Seligmann Theodor Billroth Operating

Mansur ibn Muhammad Fagih Ilyas Skeletal System

Apollonius of Kition Reduction of Joint Dislocations

Leonardo da Vinci The bones and muscles of the leg

Leonardo da Vinci Contact Lens Drawing

Leonardo da Vinci The Bladder

Anonymous Petrus, students, and attendant with a flask of urine

Martin Dohrn Removing a Brain Tumor

Hieronymus Bosch Extracting the Stone of Madness

Juan de Sevilla San Lucas (Saint Luke)

Leonardo da Vinci The cranium sectioned

Bing AI / ChatGPT Brain in the manner of Vincent Van Gogh

Edgar Degas Melancholy

Vincent van Gogh The Hospital at Arles

Bing AI / ChatGPT Brain in the manner of Piet Mondrian

Georges Chicotot The First Attempt to Treat Cancer with X-rays