Videos (5 videos – 57m + one compilation of the 5 parts to the Overture)

Why Attend this Program?

Why? Someday It May Save Your Life …

What Will You Achieve?

The Framework is Critical …

How: The Process is Important …

Landscape of Medicine

How is The Mini-MD Different From a Real MD?

What, Why, How? ( ... and ChatGPT)

Actually, We Will See Some Patients … 

L’Atelier rouge (The Red Studio) of Henri Matisse (1911)

The Art of “Finding the Essence”

The Mathematics of “Finding the Essence”

The Language of Medicine

The Image is the Logic

The Logic of Medicine I: The Tao of Medicine

Examples of Dyads …

The Logic of Medicine II: The Code of Medicine

The Logic of Medicine III: The Frameworks of Medicine

There are 367 Frameworks in the Mini-MD

Frameworks Build Upon Previous Ones

The Language and Logic of Medicine

Cellulitis vs Cellulite

Medicine is Integrative

Understanding SARS-CoV-2 & Covid-19

The Logic of Medicine IV: The Graph of Medicine

Towards a More Rational Medicine: Baruch Spinoza’s Dream

A Bit of Background …

The Wisdom of Medicine

Interludes, Humor & Society

Feedback from Global Medical Experts …

Warning: Medical Students’ Disease

… And the Usual Legal Disclaimer …

When You Learn Your Patient is Actually a Doctor ...

Shall we start!?