mini-MD Content

Links to the PDF Presentations, Recorded Lectures & Interludes

For the serious healthcare professional

The Mini-MD is a comprehensive, intensive overview of all of medicine presented over ~ 30 hours. Though primarily designed for healthcare professionals without formal medical training it should appeal to ambitious pre-meds, serious medical students, even doctors seeking a fresh, efficient and innovative overview of the field as well as anyone who is curious about how health and medicine works.

It covers the basic, preclinical and clinical sciences, emphasizing the main principles and logic of medicine, how doctors think, and how the healthcare system works.

Videos (145 videos; total video length 33h40m10s; average video length 13m56s)

Overture (5 videos – 57m + one compilation of the 5 parts to the Overture)

Act I – Introduction to Medicine & Basic Science (36 videos – 8h47m)

Act II – Preclinical Science (29 videos – 8h56m)

Act III – Medical Specialties (33 videos – 8h50m)

Act IV – Non-Medical Specialties (36 videos – 6h38m)

Coda (5 videos – 34m)

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