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1st Movement: Introduction to Medicine & Basic Science

Medical Ethics

Brewer J, and Gurel O, (2009), “Nanomedicine: Issues of Privacy and Informed Consent,” Nanotechnology Law & Business, 6:45. Link

Protein Electrodynamics & Terahertz Medicine

Example presentations

“The Future of Medicine: Protein Electrodynamics & Terahertz Medicine,” Soitec Strategic Planning Summit, Bernin, France, 16 Oct 2020 – via webinar.  (recording)

“Protein Electrodynamics & Terahertz Medicine: New Paradigms for Medicine & Covid-19,” METU MEMS Center, Ankara, Turkey (via webinar), 5 Jun 2020. Link1 & Link2 &  (recording)

The Walk 4 Healthcare


Overview of the South Korean Healthcare System

Part I    https://bit.ly/3jqSUEX

Part II   https://bit.ly/3jpwPXx

Digital Healthcare: Paradigm Shifts and Implications

Example presentation: “Digital Healthcare and Paradigm Shifts in Medicine,” Digital Health Assembly Open Innovation Conference, Cardiff, 10 Feb 2015. Link &  & Interview

Diagnosis of Covid-19

Facebook post 13 Feb 2020. Link

Stem Cell factor

Jiang X, Gurel O, Mendiaz EA, Stearns GW, Clogston CL, Lu HS, Osslund TD, Syed RS, Langley KE, Hendrickson WA, (2000), “Structure of the active core of human stem cell factor and analysis of binding to its receptor Kit,” EMBO J. 19(13):3192-203. Link

Skeletal Muscle Cell Analysis

Shin HY, Lee SJ, Seo HW, Kim MY, Intisar A, Yea K, Cho SC, Lee Y-I, Park SC, Gurel O, van Noort D, Kim MS (2019) “A novel cell seeding technology for microarray-based quantitative human primary skeletal muscle cell analysis,” Anal. Chem. 91(22):14214-14219. Link.

Implications of the Portal System

Gurel O, (2008) “Diabetes: Medical vs. Surgical Disease?” Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 2(1):135. Link1 & Link2

Studying the terahertz absorption spectra of hemoglobin & myoglobin providing insight into the protein dynamics

Gurel O, Park J, Ryu SE, (2013) “Terahertz spectroscopy of methemoglobin: implications for novel medical imaging and therapeutics,” SPIE Photonics West “Terahertz and Ultrashort Electromagnetic Pulses for Biomedical Applications,” San Francisco, 7 Feb 2013. Link 

Bioinspired Design: Trachea-Inspired Microfilter for Capturing Viable Circulating Tumor Cells

Kim MS, Kim J, Lee W, Cho S-J, Oh J-M, Lee J-Y, Baek S, Kim YJ, Sim TS, Lee HJ, Jung G-E, Kim S-I, Park J-M, Oh JH, Gurel O, Lee S-S, Lee J-G, (2013), “A Trachea-inspired Bifurcated Microfilter Capturing Viable Circulating Tumor Cells via Altered Biophysical Properties as Measured by Atomic Force Microscopy,” Small; 9(18):3103-10. Link

Devils is in the Details: The last measures of Beethoven’s Sonata Pathétique 3rd Movement –  Rondo: Allegro

Facebook post: Link

Membrane Proteins: Structure of Bacteriorhodopsin

Popot JL, Engelman DM, Gurel O, Zaccaï G, (1989), “Tertiary structure of bacteriorhodopsin. Positions and orientations of helices A & B in the structural map determined by neutron diffraction.” J Mol Biol. 210(4):829-47 Link

Amino Acids: Tryptophan as a biomarker using terahertz spectroscopy

Altan H & Gurel O, (2021) “Tryptophan as a Biomarker using Terahertz Spectroscopy,” Book Chapter in: Biophotonics, Tryptophan and Disease [Academic Press (Elsevier)] (29 Oct 2021). ISBN: 9780128227909 Link1 & Link2

Sequence-Specific Variation in DNA Structure

“Structure Refinement of GTG and GAG B-DNA 14-mers with NOE Interproton Distance Constraints,” Senior Thesis for Honors in Biochemical Sciences, Harvard College (9 Apr 1986)

2nd Movement: Preclinical Sciences

Spinal Reflexes: “Robots Comprison Multi-Tool Modules having Redundancy and Methods of Controlling the Same”

Kwon W, Lim BK, Gurel O, (18 Mar 2014) Robots comprising multi-tool modules having redundancy and methods of controlling the same, US Patent 9566709 B2 Link & PDF Granted (14 Feb 2017)

PTSD: Humanitarian Relief Work in Kosovo & Turkey

“When the world falls down on children,” Boston Globe, Letter to the Editor, 6 Sep 1999. Link

Robert Berger, CBS News, 4 Sep 1999 from Değirmendere, Turkey. Link

Symmetry vs Asymmetry in the Neurologic Exam: The Sphinxes at Assos

A paper written for the Harvard class Classical Archaeology 131 taught by Prof. David Gordon Mitten. For the full paper, go to: https://bit.ly/3H5GMFt.

Neurologic Diagnosis: What is Causing Captain Miller’s Hand to Shake

LinkedIn article: http://bit.ly/3TKTb4q

DGIST lecture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7urOdFd0ko

Molecular Flexibility in Antigen Presentation

Link to full paper: https://bit.ly/3RhYmJp

Immune Dynamics at Surfaces

Link to conference presentation: https://youtu.be/xBNZOOsjb50

Imaging in Pathology: Evaluation of Cancer Tissue Morphology via THz Spectroscopic Imaging

Yeo WG, Gurel O, Hitchcock CL, Park SC, Sertel K, Nahar NK, (2019) “Evaluation of Cancer Tissue Morphology via THz Spectroscopic Imaging: Human Lung and Small Intestine Malignancies,” Infrared Physics & Technology, 97:411-416, March. Link1, Link2 & Link3

Circulating Tumor Cells

Woo HJ, Kim Y, Lee SJ, Lee S-H, Kang HJ, Lee S-H, Kim JM, Gurel O, Kim SY, Roh HR, Lee J, Lee J, Park Y, Shin HY, Shin Y-I, Lee SM, Oh SY, Kim YZ, Chae J-I, Lee S, Hong MH, Cho BC, Lee ES, Pantel K, Kim HR, Kim MS, (2022) “Continuous centrifugal microfluidics (CCM) isolates heterogeneous circulating tumor cells via full automation,” Theranostics. 12(8):3676 Link & Link (PDF)

Theories of Aging: Analysis of Senescent Cells

Kim MS, Jo S, Park JT, Kim SS, Kang HT, Gurel O, Park SC, (2015), “A New Method to Purify and Analyze Heterogeneous Senescent Cell Populations Using a Novel Microfluidic Filter with Uniform Fluidic Profile,” Anal. Chem; 87(19):9584–9588. Link

Centralized National Drug Policy Systems & Free Market Economies

Link to full dissertation: http://bit.ly/3kOf1rQ

Putin & Steroids

Facebook Post: https://bit.ly/36QDOVf 

LinkedIn Post: https://bit.ly/3L8WGgT

"Psychiatric manifestations of steroid therapy," Clinical Brief (18 Aug 1994): https://bit.ly/36z3enZ 

Comprehensive Evaluation of Drugs & Devices

Version 1: https://bit.ly/3fUSSWm

Version 2: https://bit.ly/3Ezq00e

Putin & Steroids: Differential Diagnosis in "Reverse"

LinkedIn Post:https://bit.ly/3JETslc

Implications of Covid-19 as an Epidemic Disease

LinkedIn Post: https://bit.ly/34hdxLQ

Leadership & The 6Ts of Pandemic Response: https://bit.ly/3cAOfuN 

Quarantine vs Isolation http://bit.ly/2Si7cK4

“Comparison to 1918 Flu Pandemic and mutation issue” (15 Feb 2020)

Facebook: http://bit.ly/39J2smZ

LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/32jZP8v

“Individual Isolation for Covid-19” (29 Feb 2020)

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2QbRa3i

LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/3axGTWR

3rd Movement: Medical Specialties

Pancreatic Carcinoma and Depression

Link to full paper (Psychiatric Medicine II): http://bit.ly/3DqlM9D

A Short History of Special Hospitals

Columbia University Center for Society & Medicine; Link to original paper: https://bit.ly/3jgpZpE

Bard Hall Newsletter (Art in Medicine)

Facebook Post: http://bit.ly/3Ju0hbI

Bioelectronic Medicine: Noble Metal Sensitized Invasive Porous Bioelectrodes

Kim HS, Choi H, Flores MC, Razzaq A, Gwak YS, Ahn D, Kim MS, Gurel O, Lee BH, In SI (2020) “Noble Metal Sensitized Invasive Porous Bioelectrodes: Advanced Medical Device for Enhanced Neuronal Activity and Chronic Alcohol Treatment,” RSC Advances, 10:43514. Link1 & Link2

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease & Electroceuticals

Intisar A, et al., (2022) “Implantable Electroceutical Approach Improves Myelination by Restoring Membrane Integrity in a Mouse Model of Peripheral Demyelinating Neuropathy,” Adv Sci. 2201358 Link

Amyloid hypothesis & Terahertz Imaging in Alzheimer’s Disease

Yeo W-G, Gurel O, Srinivasan N, King PD, Nahar NK, Park S, Lehman N, Sertel K, (2017), “Terahertz Imaging and Electromagnetic Model of Axon Demyelination in Alzheimer’s Disease,” IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology, 7(6), August 30. Link1 & Link2

Alzheimer’s Digital Therapeutics

Guak TH, Wang MJ, Shin DJ, Kang JH, Gurel O, (2019) “Efficacy of a Multimodal Cognitive Training Program on Older Adults with Cognitive Impairments: A Pilot Study,” 2019 International Conference of Korea Dementia Association IC-KDA 2019. Link

4th Movement: Non-Medical Specialties

Minimally Invasive Surgery & Adhesion Barrier

Dunn R, Lyman MD, Edelman PG, Campbell PK (Feb 2001), “Evaluation of the SprayGel™ adhesion barrier in the rat cecum abrasion and rabbit uterine horn adhesion models,” Fertility and Sterility, 75(2):411-416. [Acknowledgement] Link

Ferland R, Mulani D, Campbell PK (1 Dec 2001), “Evaluation of a sprayable polyethylene glycol adhesion barrier in a porcine efficacy model,” Human Reproduction, 16(12):2718–2723. [Acknowledgement] Link

Principles of Post-operative Care

Link to original draft: https://bit.ly/2HSfJRg

Opioids: CHARMm User’s Guide Link

Evaluation of a Wearable Exoskeleton Robot

Facebook Post: https://bit.ly/41KtIwE

What Patients Want: Surgery vs Conservative Therapy

Scribd blog post:https://bit.ly/3Ve1s3c

Bio-inspired Image Processing / Artificial Intelligence (retinal model)

Park KJP, Lee K, Lee JH, Kang B, Shin C-W, Woo J, Kim J-S, Suh Y, Kim S, Gurel O, Ryu H, (2015) “Computationally Efficient, Real-time Motion Recognition Based on Bio-Inspired Visual and Cognitive Processing,” ICIP, 932-935. Link1 & Link2

Hearing Loss & “Hearing Failure”

“It’s Not About Hearing Loss, It’s About Preventing Hearing Failure,” Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management (Jun 2017). Link & Link

Artery Walls are Semi-crystalline and Aneurysm Growth May Represent a Phase Transition

“X-ray Analysis of Arterial Walls,” MGH Neurosurgery Journal Club (7 Nov 1996) Link

Functional Neurosurgery & Cognitive Science

“Functional Neurosurgery: Implications for Cognitive Science,” (Harvard College Mather House) Cognitive Science Table (1998)

New Imaging Modalities

Yeo WG, Gurel O, Hitchcock CL, Park SC, Sertel K, Nahar NK, (2019) “Evaluation of Cancer Tissue Morphology via THz Spectroscopic Imaging: Human Lung and Small Intestine Malignancies,” Infrared Physics & Technology, 97:411-416, March. Link1, Link2 & Link3